Welcome to the Seattle waterfront construction information site!

Seattle's Central Waterfront is going to be a busy place over the next several years, with multiple construction projects underway. To make it easy for you to stay up to date on what's going on and what's ahead, we've compiled project information all in one place. This site provides general information about current and future public projects. For additional project details, visit the project websites, which can be found in the “Contact Us” page.

Current construction activity


Status updates

April 2023

Building the new Alaskan Way and Elliott Way

  • Lenora Street elevator closed until further notice.
  • Access to businesses and residences remain open.
  • Elevated roadway between Pike St and Bell St, Elliott Way, opened in early May with the honorary name Dzidzilalich

Pier 58

  • About half of overall planned pile caps for Pier 58 were installed last winter.
  • We continue to work on installing pre-cast deck panels on the newly-installed pile caps.  
  • Work generally starts in the early morning at 6:30 am.
  • Access to businesses will be maintained.

South Access

  • In late May 2022, S Charles Street opened to traffic in a temporary configuration providing a new, direct east-west connection between First Avenue S and Occidental Avenue S.
  • Construction continues north of S Dearborn St on a new equipment garage adjacent to the SR 99 tunnel’s operations building.
    • Utility, drainage and road work continues into the summer along 1st Ave S.

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