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Seattle's Central Waterfront is going to be a busy place over the next several years, with multiple construction projects underway. To make it easy for you to stay up to date on what's going on and what's ahead, we've compiled project information all in one place. This site provides general information about current and future public projects. For additional project details, visit the project websites, which can be found in the “Contact Us” page.

Current construction activity

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Status updates

Spring 2021

Colman Dock

  • Colman Dock is open during construction
  • The Kitsap Transit passenger-only ferry facility is open on the south side of Colman Dock.
  • All drive-on customers, including cars, trucks, vanpools and motorcycles enter from S. Jackson St. Passenger pickup and drop-off access is in front of the terminal building on Alaskan Way.
  • Starting Monday, Oct. 5 the Marion Street vehicle exit will close through late summer 2021. All vehicles and bikes exiting Colman Dock will exit through Yesler Way, which may cause delays off-loading ferries during peak times. There will be no changes or impacts to people walking on the ferry.
  • The first section of the new terminal building opened to the public in September 2019. This new building and pedestrian bridge will remain in use until the project is complete in 2023. This first section of the terminal has limited capacity and 65 seats. Passengers should plan to arrive about 15 minutes before departure to avoid standing in line for long periods of time.
  • Walk-on customers have several options to enter and exit the new building:
    • The pedestrian bridge between Colman Dock and First Ave at Marion Street.
    • Elevators and stairs at the southwest corner of the dock near the new passenger-only ferry dock at Pier 50.
    • Stairs on Alaskan Way near Columbia Street connecting the street to the terminal level.
  • People riding bicycles will continue to enter near Yesler Way.
  • There is an accessible path to Colman Dock at the intersection of Alaskan Way and Yesler Way. This path leads to both the passenger-only ferries and also the current elevators up to the WSF terminal where discount tickets for passengers with disabilities are now available at all self-serve kiosks and online.

Building the new Alaskan Way and Elliott Way

  • Excavation and grading work for access roads continues.
  • Lenora Street pedestrian bridge and elevator closed until it is connected to the new Elliott Way. View our construction flyer for more information.
  • Access to businesses and residence remain open.
  • Pike Place Market garage vehicle access from Alaskan Way closed for construction through spring 2021. Vehicle access to Pike Place Market Garage maintained at Western Ave; follow posted signs for safe access to garage. Pedestrian access from Alaskan Way will be maintained at all times
  • New sidewalk on east side of Alaskan Way open with some areas remaining fenced off for continuing landscaping work.

Union Street Bridge

  • Stairs at Union St connecting Western Ave and Alaskan Way will be closed
  • Pedestrian access between Alaskan Way and Western Ave will be maintained via University St and the Pike Street Hillclimb
  • Access to businesses will be maintained

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